Elysia Netter


 - 27, NC

 - Illustrator, printmaker, & claysmith

 - Gamer, 80s music enthusiast, coffee drinker, cat lover, mixed & magical

 - Graduated in 2018 with a BFA in Illustration from East Carolina University

 - Living in Asheville, NC, with my fiance, Forrest, and two cats, Dany & Drogo

ERYS ELYSIA - est. 2020

- A hybrid of my oldest cat's full name, Danerys, and my name

- Started on Etsy, where you can still see all of my reviews, sales, and my 5 star rating

- I primarily make prints (digital and linocut), polymer clay earrings, and stickers

- It's my goal to expand into wearables, totes, and enamel pins!